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132kv Composite Bushing Outdoor Hv Cable termination

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Product Description

Introduction on Cable Accessories for 48/66~290/500kV
48/66kV~290/500kV high voltage cable accessories can be classified as porcelain bushing outdoor termination, composite bushing outdoor termination, full-prefabricated soft dry type outdoor termination, GIS termination, full-prefabricated silicone rubber straight through /insulating joint, assembled joint applied to any cross section, single-phase type and three-phase type for fully dry insulating branch joint, grounding box, and grounding protection box, interconnected box and sheath protector, etc.

4E-YJZWF Composite Bushing Outdoor Termination
The company produces two main of composite casting outdoor termination, 4E-YJZWCF3 and 4E-YJZWCF4, which are widely used for outdoor high-voltage overhead lines and cable connections with anti-pollution level of III and IV. They are composed of termination, stress cone, composite casting bushing, and tail tube. We use imported liquid silicone rubber injection molding to make stress cone, which has long-term stability of lasting hold power and electric field uniform ability. Composite casting bushing is using skirt structure with high strength epoxy fiberglass insulation tubes coated with silicone rubber. The composite casting bushing is filled with insulating oil with excellent electrical insulation properties, and the mutual dissolution or penetration is as low as 1/1000 between silicon stress cone to ensure the long-term safe operation of the product. Our product is using multiple sealing structure which can effectively prevent the leakage of water immersion and insulating oil. All of the seals are using imported NBR or silicon rubber material. All of the fastener raw-material are stainless steel with good waterproof seal performance.

132kv Composite Bushing Outdoor Hv Cable 132kv Composite Bushing Outdoor Hv Cable
1. Outlet clamp  2. Grading shield  3. Core insulation  
4. Polyisobutylene 5. Composite bushing  6. Stress cone  7. Fixed plate  8. Support insulator  9. Tail pipe 10. Cable
Size mm 48/66kV 64/110kV 80/138kV 127/220kV
H 1270 1500 1750 2500
A 1510 1935 2085 3100
B 1925 2155 2400 3600
C 450 450 450 650
D 200 200 200 300
E Φ22 Φ22 Φ22 Φ32
Creepage distance ≥2248 ≥3906 ≥4495 ≥7812

Composite bushing outdoor termination not only has all the advantages of the porcelain bushing, but also have the following superior performance:

Mechanical: mechanical strength of the inner layer is epoxy fiberglass which is better than porcelain bushing, with better mechanical performance.
Explode proof: silicon skirt layer covering outer is soft, effectively avoid or greatly reduce the damage after an explosion caused by personal or adjacent equipment, with better security than the porcelain bushing in densely populated areas.
Transportation: the weight of composite casting bushing is less than 1/5 of porcelain bushing weight. The excellent mechanical strength inner and soft outer layer is more compression resistance to collapse, effectively reducing the transportation and installation cost.
Weather resistance: silicon rubber outer layer has excellent weather resistance, stain-resistance self-cleaning ability, UV and aging resistance. IEC60815 clearly shows that the porcelain bushing creepage distance is only 17mm/kV, slightly higher than the level of anti-I, while the silicon rubber creepage ration distance is up to 25mm/kV, reach the level of anti-III.
Cleaning free: silicone rubber has excellent water repellency with good self-cleaning ability, basic free blackout manual cleaning (porcelain blackout cleaning rate is generally once a year), greatly reduce the maintenance costs.

1-500k V C able A ccessories E lectrical P erformance P arameter
1~500k V cable accessor i es common parameters and factory test specification
Voltage levels provided by our company include 1kV, 10kV, 35kV, 48/66kV, 56/78kV, 64/110kV, 76/132kV, 127/220kV, and 290/500kV in accordance with IEC60502, IEC60840, IEC62067, IEC60859, IEC62271-209, GB/T11017, GB/Z18890, GB/T22078, GB/T12706, GB311, GB772, BS EN 50181, IEEE386, DL508, DL509, JB/T8144 standards, and pass through rigorous factory test, type test, and pre-identification test (220kV and above).
Test name and code

Test classifications and code:
No. Test Name Code
1 Routine test R
2 Sampling test S
3 Type test T
4 Pre-identification test P
5 Additional test A

Routine test for each of the stress cone, GIS epoxy bushing, and straight through joint prefabricate main body of 66kV and above cable accessories:
Item 66kV 110kV 220kV
Partial discharge 72kV, partial discharge not more than previously carried out items 96kV, partial discharge not more than previously carried out items 190kV, partial discharge not more than previously carried out items
Power frequency withstand voltage 120kV/30min (joint main body 60min, no flashover no breakdown) 160kV/30min (joint main body 60min, no flashover no breakdown) 318kV/30min (joint main body 60min, no flashover no breakdown)
Seal test 0.25±0.01MPa/1h for sealing fittings, porcelain bushing, composite bushing, no leakage
0.6~0.7MPa/1h for epoxy bushing, no leakage
Appearance test No damage, no cracking and other defects that affect the quality and appearance

132kv Composite Bushing Outdoor Hv Cable 132kv Composite Bushing Outdoor Hv Cable



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