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Job responsibilities:
Russian market website promotion
Participate in domestic and international exhibitions
Russian market inquiry tracking
Preparation of domestic and foreign bidding documents
Develop new customers in the Russian market and maintain existing customers
Develop Russian language market agent distributors

The company’s recruitment needs for positions

1. Bachelor's degree or above, proficient in Russian, suitable for business trips preferred, able to drive independently
2. Possess good oral expression skills, able to communicate smoothly with clients in Russian, and have strong email writing skills
3. Able to independently develop customers, familiar with commonly used B2B websites, and experience in operating platforms such as Alibaba and Made in China are preferred
4. Have a clear career plan, confirm that they are suitable for the work style of foreign trade sales, have a self-motivated and enterprising personality, have good communication, coordination, and execution abilities, work diligently, respond quickly and sensitively, have a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, and have a team spirit
5. Familiar with sales skills in e-commerce business, with sales thinking concepts and corresponding processing skills
6. Experience in the power industry or a major in power is preferred, suitable for business trips, and driving experience is preferred
Work location: Yixing/Home     Job Nature: Full time/part-time


Our company is a professional company that engaged in production, sales, technology research, technology development and technical services of electrical system products, power engineering design and construction, electrical products, electrical equipment, sales, installation and technical services of energy storage equipment.




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