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132kv Gis Termination Pluggable Dry Type Cable Accessories

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Product Description

Introduction on Cable Accessories for 48/66~290/500kV  
48/66kV~290/500kV high voltage cable accessories can be classified as porcelain bushing outdoor termination, composite bushing outdoor terminationfull-prefabricated soft dry type outdoor termination, GIS terminationfull-prefabricated silicone rubber straight through /insulating joint, assembled joint applied to any cross section, single-phase type and three-phase type for fully dry insulating branch joint, grounding box, and grounding protection box, interconnected box and sheath protector, etc.

4E-YJZGGC Plug Dry Type GIS Termination

The company produces two main 4E-YJZGGC plug dry type GIS termination, 4E-YJZGGCD short plug dry GIS termination and 4E-YJZGGCC long plug dry GIS termination, widely used for GIS electrical equipment and cable connections. They are composed of outer power, epoxy casting, prefabricated stress cone, cone prop, and tail tube. The main body of prefabricated soft silicone rubber is using imported liquid silicone rubber injection rubber molding soft dry structure, which has long-term stability of lasting hold power and electric field uniform ability. Epoxy is using epoxy resin vacuum casting molding, cone roof tight plug-dry structure. There's no need to fill insulating gas or oil, effectively ensure the long-term safe operation of the product. Our product is using multiple sealing structure which can effectively prevent the leakage of water immersion. All of the seals are using imported NBR or silicon rubber material. All of the fastener raw-material are stainless steel with good waterproof seal performance.
Our products meet the standards of IEC60859 (1999), IEC62271-209 (2007) in accordance with GIS electrical equipment. There are a little differences between the two standards, if users do not require in writing, generally based on the standard of IEC62271-209.

132kv Gis Termination Pluggable Dry Type Cable Accessories
1. Pluggable rod  2. Locking sleeve  3. Stress cone  4. Epoxy bushing  5. Cone support  6. Spring attachment  7. Tail pipe  8. Cable
Size mm 48/66kV 64/110kV 80/138kV 127/220kV
L Short type 310 470 470 620
A Short type 900 1020 1020 1260
L Long type 583 757 757 960
A Long type 1200 1310 1310 1600

Main structure features:
Advanced structure: fully sealed plug dry-type structure, can firstly send epoxy casting and plugging to the GIS equipment factory and pre-installation it in the GIS equipment.
Easy installation: the length of plug-in structure of the cable is less than 300mm, dry-type with oil-free and gas free, greatly reducing the labor.

Note: according to the requirements of IEC 62271-209 and GB/T 22381-2008, the installation dimensions of GIS termination can be divided into short type and long type (The top of the sketch map is a long type).

V Cable Accessories Electrical Performance Parameter

1~500kV cable accessories common parameters and factory test specification
Voltage levels provided by our company include 1kV, 10kV, 35kV, 48/66kV, 56/78kV, 64/110kV, 76/132kV, 127/220kV, and 290/500kV in accordance with IEC60502, IEC60840, IEC62067, IEC60859, IEC62271-209, GB/T11017, GB/Z18890, GB/T22078, GB/T12706, GB311, GB772, BS EN 50181, IEEE386, DL508, DL509, JB/T8144 standards, and pass through rigorous factory test, type test, and pre-identification test (220kV and above).
Test name and code

Test classifications and code:
No. Test Name Code
1 Routine test R
2 Sampling test S
3 Type test T
4 Pre-identification test P
5 Additional test A

Routine test for each of the stress cone, GIS epoxy bushing, and straight through joint prefabricate main body of 66kV and above cable accessories:
Item 66kV 110kV 220kV
Partial discharge 72kV, partial discharge not more than previously carried out items 96kV, partial discharge not more than previously carried out items 190kV, partial discharge not more than previously carried out items
Power frequency withstand voltage 120kV/30min (joint main body 60min, no flashover no breakdown) 160kV/30min (joint main body 60min, no flashover no breakdown) 318kV/30min (joint main body 60min, no flashover no breakdown)
Seal test 0.25±0.01MPa/1h for sealing fittings, porcelain bushing, composite bushing, no leakage
0.6~0.7MPa/1h for epoxy bushing, no leakage
Appearance test No damage, no cracking and other defects that affect the quality and appearance
132kv Gis Termination Pluggable Dry Type Cable Accessories 132kv Gis Termination Pluggable Dry Type Cable Accessories 132kv Gis Termination Pluggable Dry Type Cable Accessories



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