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Fast And Flexible Installation Industrial Use Pad-mounted Transformer

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Pad-mounted transformer has outstanding features including reliable compact structure, fast and flexible installation, convenient operation, small size, etc. it can be widely used in industrial areas, residential communities, commercial centers, urban roads, high-rise buildings and other premises. The difference between this kind of product and p r e f a b ri c a t e d tr a n s f o r m e r i s : Pa d - m o u n t e d transformer is designed with integration of transformer part, high-voltage load switch, protective fuse and other devices, and placed in an oil tank for relatively comparably smaller size. It is suitable for both looped and radial network and can be changed conveniently for an enhanced reliability of power supply.

1. Ambient temperature: highest temperature: +40℃, lowest temperature: -30

2. Altitude above sea level: no more than 1000m

3. Wind speed: 34m/s (no more than 700Pa)

4. Humidity: daily average of relative humidity no more than 95%

5. Monthly average of relative humidity no more than 95%

6. Shock resistance: horizontal acceleration no more than 0.4m/s2, vertical acceleration no more than 0.15/s2

7. Slope of installation site: no more than 30

8. Installation conditions: free of explosive and corrosive gas, no severe vibration and shock.

Structure View

HV:1.Manometer; 2.Oil level guage; 3.Air value; 4.Oiling plug; 5. Plug-in fuse; 6. Thermometer; 7. Load switch operation

indicator plate 8. Load switch; 9. HV cable contactor; 10. Hanging; 11. Tap changer; 12. Earthing & earthing label; 13. Dualpurpose valve; 14. HV cable bracket.

LV: 15. Measuring equipment; 16. LV branch; 17. Measurement lead sealing; 18. Transformer oil tank

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