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High Voltage Residential Communities Prefabricated Transformer

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Prefabricated transformer is a kind of compact power distribution device that integrates high voltage electrical devices, transformer, low voltage electrical devices together. It can be used in high-rise buildings, buildings in urban and rural areas, residential communities, high-tech development areas, small & medium size factories, mining areas, oil fields, temporary construction sites, and other premises, and can also be used for acceptance and distribution of power in power in power distribution system.

Operation Condition

Altitude above sea level: no more than 1,000m

Ambient temperature: highest temperature +40lowest temperature -25average temperature in 24 hours no more

than +35

Outdoor wind speed no more than 35m/s

Air relative humidity no more than 90%(+25℃)

Shock resistance: horizontal acceleration no more than 0.4m/s 2 , vertical acceleration no more than 0.2m/s 2

Installation conditions: no risk of fire and explosion, free of serious contamination, chemical corrosion and severe

vibration and shock.

Structural Features of Product

This product consists of high voltage power distribution device, transformer and low voltage power distribution device, it

is divided into three function compartments, high voltage compartment, transformer compartment and low voltage

compartment. Both high voltage and low voltage compartments are provided with all functions, the primary power supply

system on high voltage side can be configured in various power supply methods, such as ring net power supply, terminal

power supply, power supply with double supply. High voltage metering instrument can also be installed on high voltage side

to satisfy the requirements for high voltage measurement. For transformer compartment, low loss oil immersed transformer

and dry transformer are available, and the transformer compartment is equipped with self-start forced air cooling system and

lighting system . the low voltage compartment can be equipped with panel or cabinet type structure based on customer's

requirements, and has various functions including distribution for drive power, power distribution for lighting, compensation

of reactive power, metering of electricity energy, and measurement of electricity consumption to meet various demands of

customers and provide customers with convenient management and high quality in terms of power supply.

High voltage compartment is designed with compact structure and interlock function of “five preventions” to completely

protect from mis-operation. Upon customer” request, the transformer can be equipped with guide rail for convenient access

through the gates on both sides.

Circuit Schematic Diagram

Arrangement Schematic Diagram



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