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Outdoor Ring Network Cabinet Developed Switchgear Suitable for Any Harsh Environment

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Outdoor Switchgear


XGW-12 series primary and secondary fusion standardized ring cage (opening and closing institute) is a SF6 gas package test outdoor ring network cabinet developed and produced by the company according to the characteristics of power distribution network in various regions of China and the actual situation of urban distribution network cable transformation. XGW-12 series of secondary fusion standardization ring cage (open and closed) the switch equipment with modularity, extension, insulation, sealing, safe, maintenance, wireless temperature measurement, on-line monitoring device, suitable for any harsh environment, is widely used in industrial parks, residential areas, streets, airports, all kinds of buildings, busy business center and other places.

Rated voltage kV 12
Rated Current A 630
power frequency withstand voltage kV 48
Lightningimpulse withstand voltage(peak value) kV 85
Rated breaking current A 630
Rated short-circuit switching current (peak value) kA 50
Rated short-time withstand current kA/S 20
Rated peak withstand current
degree of protection
IP44W (housing)

IP2XC (internal compartment)
noise level dB 45



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