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Single Phase Automatic Voltage Oil Immersed Step Voltage Regulator

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The RVR-1 type feeder automatic voltage regulator is actually a single phase oil immersed auto-transformer with RVR controller and gathering sampling of voltage & current signal, on load tap charger controlling device to achieve gird more efficient from adjust the load character by increase and decrease the voltage.

So This RVR is a transformer equipped with on load tap charger with RVR controller sampling voltage and current data and on load tap charger steps from current transformer and voltage transformer and limit switches.

1. Ambient temperature: highest temperature: +40, lowest temperature: -30℃;

2.Altitude above sea level: no more than 1000m;

3. Wind speed: 34m/s(no more than 700Pa);

4. Humidity: daily average of relative humidity no more than 95%, Monthly average of relative humidity no more than 95%;

5. Shock resistance: horizontal acceleration no more than 0.4m/s2, vertical acceleration no more than 0.15/s2;

6. Slope of installation site: no more than 30;

7. Installation conditions: free of explosive and corrosive gas, no severe vibration and shock.

Load Current And KVA Ratings, 50/60 Hz

Rectangle Tank Type Outline Schematic Diagram

Round Tank Type Outline Schematic Diagram



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